The TurnAround Spa Lodge
Of Sharon Springs NY


This fine lodge with six comfortable quiet guest rooms in a lovely mountain side rural village setting will soften any stress while nature begins your restoration!

 On premise is a private library which includes Dr. White's original books on Health and Healing.

The private Jacuzzi room and individual mint steam bath are available to our guests.

Only steps away are three different mineral water fountains.

"Stylishly Relaxed"

Saturday evenings are formal comfortable.

Those seeking Escape & luxury of quiet and rejuvenation will find this the perfect affordable destination! 


Basic room w/o services for two starts at $45 per night.
Deluxe package is $135 per night for two persons.


* Internet

* Herbal Jacuzzi

* Mint steam sessions

* Massage or body rub

* Spa treatments are priced on duration

All rooms come with a fully equipped kitchenette for those with special regimes.

Extra Available Services:

* Foot care therapy

* Room service

* Tours to Waterfalls of Cooperstown

* Glimmer Glass Opera House

* Horseback riding

Wedding & Commitment ceremony packages available!


Rick Barr, Proprietor • The Turnaround Spa Lodge
105 Washington Street
Sharon Springs • New York  13459
© 2009 Rick Barr
Designed and Maintained by Alla Zusm & Loralee Renj

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